532 Water St., Sauk City

Offer Valid: 02/22/2023 - 12/31/2023

Suite rental comes with wireless internet, complimentary gym membership at SP Fitness that is located in the same Rivers Edge Mall, break room and paid for CAMS. There are 2 communal bathrooms for the lower 7 business suites. Street side entrance has a small arboretum with a staircase that leads down to this office. River side entrance has a ground level entrance and is ADA accessible. 2.5% annual rent increases.

This location would be a great business space for health and wellness services. Great space to meet with clients or to have a personal office space.

$450 per month with a 2.5% annual rent increase

**This space could also be added on to 320 Water Street rental (2 rooms) for $300 instead of $450. This would create an office space of 3 that could be set up as a lobby with two service rooms/offices that would each have their own entrance