526 Water St., Sauk City

Offer Valid: 02/21/2023 - 12/31/2023

All 3 suites come with complimentary wireless internet, free gym membership at SP Fitness, communal bathrooms (2 womens and two mens) for 7 lower suites. Suites have two different entrances. Their own mailing address and locked mailbox. Street side entrance has a small arboretum with a staircase that leads down. River side entrance has a ground level entrance. 
All offices are part of River Edge Mall
Contact Becca Litscher 608-333-6636 ; SPFitness608@gmail.com for more information or to set up tours
526 Water Street was a Past Salon Space. The plumbing has been capped off in walls as shown in picture but can be easily accessible to reopen . There is also an attached room with water heater, washer/dryer hookups and color bar/sink.

This location would be a great salon or business space for health and wellness services that could be shared between different practitioners. Ideas include; Salon, Barber, Nails, Tattoo, office space

1029 sq ft - $800 per month with a 2.5% increase