Free Congregation of Sauk County


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About Us

We are a liberal religious community welcoming anyone of any background. Our community includes Buddhists and Christians, atheists, agnostics, theists, spiritual journeyers of all kinds, and many for whom a label is not relevant.

We gather to explore religion together and to support each individual’s personal search for meaning and truth. We engage religion through our reason, through our feelings and sentiments, through our knowledge of the world and humanity. We read poetry together, listen to music and sing together, discuss Sunday reflections with each other, hold meals together - all to build the bonds of love and community that cradle our mutual religious exploration.

At the Free Congregation, we approach religion not as an answer to be unquestioningly accepted but as a set of questions to be continuously explored:
In what do we find the meaning of our existence? To what do we owe our ultimate loyalty? What brings worth and value into my life, and into the life of my community?

We believe that religion is one of the great human endeavors. Like art, like literature, like science, religion is a creative adventure, a part of the human story. We feel free to consider critically the wisdom of religious traditions. We feel free to create new and personal religious perspectives, combining the wisdom of existing religious traditions with insights from philosophy, the sciences, from poetry and fiction, and especially from our own experiences.


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