Dying Breed Jiu Jitsu


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About Us

We are a Martial Arts team dedicated to giving you the best expierence tailored to your fitness and self defense needs. We offer courses for both Children and Adults throughout the day.

Children’s Jiu Jitsu
Watch as your child learns the value of teamwork, dedication, integrity and much more while having fun. Your child will be engaged mentally as well as physically through tasks that they will carry into their daily lives.

Adult Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu is a predominantly ground-based martial art, using the principals of leverage, angles, pressure and timing, as well as knowledge of the human anatomy, in order to achieve a non-violent submission of one’s opponent. We offer both Gi (uniformed) and Nogi (non-uniformed) variations of the art. We are an LCCT affiliated gym with multiple teams our members can visit throughout the world.

Looking to throw some punches and get into shape fast? Kickboxing is a high pace program designed to crush calories and leave you feeling great. Engage your lower body as well as upper body as you learn the art of 8 limbs.


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